Murkowski should lead a Senate coalition


Like it or not, Alaska is a political petri dish. It makes our polls irrelevant, creates nail- biter election nights that have ended in a coin flip onto a beaver pelt, and gave us a write-in election bid that rewrote history and disappointed the Strom Thurmond fan club.There's a lot of talk of "let's all get along" in Washington, D.C., but not much walk. Alaska has a history of actually doing bipartisan work for the good of all. Ted Stevens was epic at making people adore him who disagreed with his politics. Joe Biden was one of his best friends.After the Corrupt Bastards Club roundup by the FBI in 2006, a bipartisan coalition was born in our state Senate. The conditions had to be perfect — like an eclipse or that flower that only blooms for an hour —...

Murkowski should lead a Senate coalition

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